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About Us

The DR. BHEMRAO AMBEDKAR GRAMIN SANSTHAN trust's vision,and goals and strategies emanate from the vibrant organized behaviour among the village communities.In the year 2006-07 DR. BHEMRAO AMBEDKAR GRAMIN SANSTHAN was happily associated with the formation and sustained managment of community-based Organization;woman's group and micro enterprise.Now,it marched ahead with the future plan to undertake development with a network of 300s of SHKs link them to micro credit agencies like DRDA,R.M.K.,NABARD,etc. seek support for educational,social and cultural development from national and international officials and non officials agencies.

Most Recent Causes

heart Agricultural Programme

This programme was organised by the society to promote farmars for new adoptation schems in field of agriculture.

heart Drug De-addiction Awareness Camp

The Society has been conducting camps aimed at raising awareness about the bad effect of alcoholism and drinking.

heart Workshop-cum-Seminar on Consumer Right

Consumer Awareness camp were organised to make public arare of the right available under the consumer protection act. 1986.


We need your help

Let’s Stop This hunger and fullfill their happiness


Most Recent Events

recent update one

Zari & Craft Embroidery soft toys Training Programme.

The main aim of this programme is to make the trainess so settled that they might become self dependent and stand on their own feet.

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recent update one

Computer Training Programme

The Society has started a computer training center aimed at providing good computer education to poop youth.

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recent update one

Vocational & Handicraft Training

The Society has been regularly imparting training in the handicraft skills like chiken and jardozi.

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